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Office Hours (M - F):
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Sewer Rates
Classification Rates
Single Family Dwellings $38.06 per month
Multi Family Dwellings $38.06 per unit per month
Small Commercial (under five (5)employees working onsite) $68.24 per month
Large Commercial (five (5)employees & over working onsite) $59.05 per month plus $11.60 per employee on site
Filling Stations & Garages $160.10 per month
Restaurants, Food Counters and Taverns $200.79 per month
Motels & Motor Courts $27.56 per unit per month
Mobile Home & Trailer Courts $27.56 per unit per month
Laundromats $27.56 per unit per month
Schools $1.37 per pupil (Sept. thru June) $.26 per pupil (July thru August)
Food Processing or other users engaged in activities related to food processing any raw, cooked or processed edible substances, beverage or ingredient used or intended for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption $3.68 / per 100 ccf of water used