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Building, Planning and Zoning Departments

The Building Department is staffed by ICC Certified personnel and has been awarded the highest ranking in the State of Michigan by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The Department performs inspections and plan reviews of all development activities. Additionally, we are responsible for all zoning and planning functions relating to developmental growth of the community. Permit applications are taken through the assessing department for Building permits, Electrical permits, Mechanical permits, Plumbing permits, and rental inspections. Water and sewer inspections should be arranged per permit direction. The Township now is a full service department, recently having taken jurisdictional authority over the plumbing inspections. 

Please download a permit and print it (not a fillable form, yet), fill it out and either bring it with you or mail it to us as a completed application. Permits are complete when all information requested has been provided and fees are paid.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the Township for direction. ORDINANCES CAN BE FOUND online at in the online library (Michigan, then Benton Charter Township). 

Department Members

Inspection, Planning, and Zoning
Building Official: Thomas E. Baldwin, CBCO (email:
Building Inspector: Chris Fuchs, CBCO (email:
Housing: Rod Wilder
Admin. Assistant: Assessing Department has taken over processing permits and arranging rental inspections.
Electrical Inspector: Ken Simpson
Mechanical Inspector: Rod Wilder
Plumbing Inspector: Phyllis Centers

Code Enforcement

The following codes are enforced within the Township jurisdiction:

  • 2012 Michigan Building Code (ICC)
  • 2015 Michigan Residential Code (ICC)
  • 2012 Michigan Electrical Code (2011 NEC)
  • 2012 Michigan Mechanical Code (ICC)
  • 2012 Michigan Plumbing Code (ICC)
  • 2015 Property Maintenance Code (ICC)
  • 2015 International Fire Code

Code books may be available for purchase at the Building Department counter (call ahead)